Meet the Dream Team Behind Bella Mano

Discover the Passion, Expertise, and Vision Behind Alpharetta's Premier Nail Boutique

Our story

How everything started

Welcome to Bella Mano Nail Boutique, a symphony of beauty, innovation, and excellence. We are the creation of three dynamic founders - Casey, Tony, and Sandra. Casey, with her family roots in the salon industry and a masterful 12-year career, our resident visionary, has mastered the art of nail design over a 12-year career. Tony, our marketing strategist, has proven success in growing startups, and Sandra, with her expansive entrepreneurial background, gives us a sturdy, innovative foundation.

At Bella Mano, we're more than a salon. Our goal is to redefine industry norms, providing not just top-notch nail services, but a luxurious and comfortable ambiance complemented by peerless customer service. Experience the Bella Mano difference today.

Our mission

We love what we do

At Bella Mano, our mission is simple - to redefine your nail salon experience. We aim to elevate the art of nail care to new heights, offering a plethora of services that cater to our clients' diverse needs. We strive to create a tranquil and elegant environment where clients can relax, unwind, and leave feeling pampered and rejuvenated. Our expertly trained technicians, armed with the latest products and techniques, are committed to delivering exceptional results that go beyond our clients' expectations.

nail tech giving a manicure on left hand while client is having uv light on her right hand
womans feet in water with rose pedals showing off her pedicure and manicure
Our values

The work values we thrive for

At Bella Mano Nail Boutique, we invite you to be a part of our journey as we strive to create a haven of beauty and relaxation that meets all your nail care needs


At Bella Mano, quality is not just a standard; it's a promise. We believe in offering only the best - from our products to our services, every detail reflects our commitment to superior quality.


Passion fuels our work. Our love for the art of nail design and the satisfaction of our clients is what drives us to go above and beyond in delivering exceptional services.


Constant innovation is at the core of Bella Mano Nail Boutique. We aim to remain at the cutting-edge of beauty trends, continually adapting, evolving, and setting new industry standards.


We value our clients, their time, and their trust. Our team is committed to delivering services that respect your needs, your time, and your desire for a relaxing and rewarding experience.